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aerosoft's - German Airports 2 - Dortmund X 1.01

Dortmund Airport X is part of German Airports 2 finished in superb detail
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Enjoy the latest and newly modified software of the Dortmund Airport which is part of German Airports 2 that is finished in superb detail. German Airport series Dortmund is recreated with the latest up-to-date layouts, buildings, objects, runways, taxiways, detailed lighting system and navigational aides (ILS, VOR/DME, NBD, and ATIS).

Dortmund X is highly defined with photorealistic aerial that was used for ground textures to make the Airport and its close surroundings more realistic. Even with the whole range of objects and detailed features, its frame rates remain excellent.

Features that are included in the German Airports 2 – Dortmund are; Highly detailed virtual replica, photo realistic ground textures, airport buildings, airport institutions, realistic navigational system, new updated night effects, new runway and taxiway lighting system, scenery effects, moving traffic in and around airport for extra safety precautions, information manual about the airport, original DFS airport charts, and the FSX + FS2400 version.

In addition the FS2400 has dynamic Airport services that create detailed traffic for vehicles on the apron and the ‘autobahn’, FS2400 is also compatible with AES (Airport Enhancement Services). The user interface is easy and thus the user has little issues in understanding the functions and operatives.

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